It was the late 1940’s and Technical Sergeant Norris Jefferies returned home to his family in Texas, profoundly impacted by his experiences serving in the U.S. military during World War II. During his lifetime, he shared his memories of friends and foes, battles and adventures, and many life lessons with his son, Donald R. Jefferies. These vivid recollections sparked then fueled a deep passion for history in the young Don, which ultimately became his clarion call in life. In pursuit of this passion not just for history—but for the love of learning itself—Don pursued undergraduate studies in both history and education. He also achieved a master’s degree in history, then went on to teach history to thousands of junior high, high school, and college students whilst becoming a recognized leader and innovator in public education. Through the memories of his father, as well as connections with friends and contemporaries of the senior Jefferies, Don has made his avocation the goal of capturing and preserving the particular time and place in World War II that his father lived out—that of the United States Regular Army 63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 5th Army (North Africa Unit).


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