Video Memories by Jefferies

Let us capture visual memories and stories about your life, or loved ones, that you want to pass on to posterity. If you don’t capture your story and share it with others, someone else will tell your story for you. We are particularly interested in capturing personal, family, first responders, and veterans life experiences. If you have lost a loved one and cannot remember the stories they told, the experiences they shared, and the looks on their faces when they told them, don’t make that mistake with the loved ones around you now. Let us produce a digital video product that will preserve their stories and capture the essence of their life.

Packages & Prices:

  1. A Moment in Time – A live 60 minute digital video interview with the person based on background interview and content agreements with the person. The product will be on a thumb drive or DVD for your enjoyment. Price is $500 plus travel costs.
  2. Life Summary – Includes the same as #1 with 90 minutes of video. In addition, it can include up to 20 photographs for inclusion in the video. Price is $750 plus travel costs.
  3. Lasting Legacy – Includes the same as the others but with 120 minutes of video and up to 30 photographs. Price is $1,000 plus travel costs.

The process will include a preliminary interview, historical research for contextual issues, and other information at the customer’s request. Interview questions will be shared and agreed upon prior to the interview. The customer will determine the content of the interview.
The final product will be a video interview on a DVD or thumb drive and a copy of the interview questions.


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