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Learn from leaders and educators who have come before you!
Here is your opportunity to glean knowledge from those that have come before, up through the ranks of education. Leaders come from all walks of life, and the life of Norris Jefferies, mechanic and WWII veteran, demonstrates multiple examples of leadership as applied to education and beyond. Find out more:

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"I enjoyed this book so much for several reasons! One, it was written by a teacher who taught in Alvin ISD while I was a student there, and whom I always had a lot of respect for. It also mentioned people from Alvin whom I have known my entire life and it made the book a little more personal. The Author, Donald Jefferies, moved so easily between reflecting on his youth and the lessons his Father taught him, and executing those Life Lessons to effectively run school districts as large as Alvin, that I never lost interest. I was a Piping Lead for Dow Chemical and I wish I could have read this book before I retired. It would have made me a better leader. Although it may seem to be geared more towards the educational system, the lessons taught throughout the book can be effectively used in any profession. I also thought it was so interesting that this guy who just showed up one day on the Alvin campus, and immediately became one of the most Popular teachers on campus, was actually a Yellow-Jacket who was raised in Manvel, Texas!! Notice I did not say and Ex Yellow-Jacket. There is no such thing!! Explains why he was so well accepted!! He was at home in his old stomping grounds!! Give this book a read and if you are old and retired like me, share it with someone still active in the workforce!! They will thank you and it will benefit them!! Thank you Mr. Jefferies for caring enough to be the teacher you were, and for writing this book to continue investing in our Youth through life lessons learned from your father."
Randy Tomlinson

Educators, you need this book if you are aspiring to a leadership role within the education field. And for you other aspiring leaders, you will find this book to be a font of information and knowledge gleaned from years of experience.
The Mechanics of Leadership: Lessons in Leadership from Dad the Mechanic & WWII Veteran.
Expand your thought processes and learn the mechanics of leadership.

About the Author

Don Jefferies is first a family man. He and his wife Linda have four grown children and five grandchildren. His professional life has been devoted to public education for over 45 years. He taught secondary history and sociology for 12 years and college level American History for 3 years. He has served as a secondary assistant principal, high school principal, deputy superintendent, and superintendent. He also taught Cognitive Intervention in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He has a BS in history and English, a MA in history, and over 80 semester hours of graduate work in school administration and leadership.
His highest awards have come from appreciative students, parents, teachers, and school board members. In addition, he earned the “Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Region IV Outstanding High School Principal Award” in 1990. In 2016, he was recognized by the Texas Association of School Boards as the “ESC 8 Regional Superintendent of the Year”. That same year he was also recognized by Discovery Education with the “2016 Lifetime Innovative Educator” award.

A person’s leadership style can be considered a “leadership tool.” A person needs to understand her own leadership style tendencies and her ability to adjust those styles based on work situations. In addition, a person must expand her skills to include stylistic techniques that will be more successful in a variety of situations… Obviously, leaders must develop a keen sense of self-awareness and the impact they have on others…. As your leadership style develops and evolves, maintain a degree of flexibility based on your assessment of the conditions in which you work and the people you lead.

Being able to anticipate the needs of your employer or your customer is a critical skill that will help you effectively serve them…. The ability to anticipate problems, needs, conflicts, markets, trends, emotional stress, etc. is a critically important skill in any business, industry, governmental organization, school district, family, etc. You increase your value to an employer when you can anticipate things before they happen. If you have a good grounding or foundation in a particular business, you should be able to anticipate many things before they happen.

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